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Philadelphia JLC at Fight for $15 Demo in Center City


November 30, 2016: Philadelphia, PA - Last night, Philadelphia Jewish Labor Committee Director Michael Hersch (right in photo above), long-time local PJLC Board member Bill Epstein (left), formerly of UFCW Local 1776 joined with Laura Wentz (center), President of the Philadelphia Coalition of Labor Union Women and several local CLUW members to support the local Fight for $15 campaign. The event in Philadelphia was part of a nationwide happening in 340 cities. Marking the fourth anniversary of what is being called the “Fight for $15” movement, fast food workers, home care workers, educators, airport workers and others rallied for a raised minimum wage to a living wage of at least $15, the right to join a union respected, and better working conditions. “Fight for 15” has expanded to include not only fast food workers, but also employees at various workplaces across North America, encompassing airport workers, maintenance staffs, and home health care workers.