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Statement on the Israel-Gaza Situation

November 16, 2012

The Jewish Labor Committee regrets the escalation of hostilities between Israel and the Gaza Strip and mourns the loss of civilian life that is being incurred on both sides. It is truly unfortunate that Hamas decided to break what was already a fraying truce by firing hundreds of rockets and missiles into Israel. No country can allow that to happen without defending itself, and the Israel Defense Forces therefore retaliated, targeting underground rocket launching sites in Gaza.

We sincerely hope that the efforts by various parties to de-escalate the situation and re-establish a truce are successful. While that is not sufficient to bring a permanent and just peace to the area, it is an important and urgent step to ensure that the current hostilities do not bring more death and destruction. Our thoughts are with the Israelis in this precarious time, as well as with all those who truly desire peace throughout the region.